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La Fruta Margarita
The Hartford Courant – June 7, 2007

Where: Agave Grill, 100 Allyn Street, Hartford.
Ingredients: Agave’s House blanco tequila, fresh sour mix, mango puree
Cost: $7.50

The really great thing about this fruity, zesty, strong margarita concoction– and, believe me, there were a lot of great things about it – is the fact that it didn’t quite taste like any I’d ever enjoyed before. I couldn’t quite place its unique flavor, so I took another sip, and then another. My confusion wasn’t for lack of trying.

I finally had to ask the bartender to share the margarita’s secret. The fruity taste, he explained to me, was thanks to a fresh mango puree, a “blanco,” or white, tequila that was actually Agave’s own “House” variety, and made-on-the-premises sour mix, crafted from only freshly-squeezed juices. Made that very day even, he assured me.

He then told me that “La Fruta” was also available in strawberry or raspberry.

“They’re all exquisite,” he told me. “Wanna try one?”

And I certainly did – I just didn’t want to rush the one that I was already working on.

No, a drink made with that much tender loving care needed to be properly savored.


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